Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Mack commented a little while back with some great questions that I thought you all might like to see the answers too... if anyone else has any questions, feel free to ask them and I will answer them in another post. =)

Question #1 is...
Did Ellie go to a new home or are you planning on keeping her?

Ellie has not gone to a new home, and at this point, I am going to keep her, unless there is another single girl in the near future who I could pair her up with and sell them together.

Question #2 is...
How do you enter the Heavenly Heart Gerbilry photo contest? I have read all the rules and how to submit a photo but I still don't understand so I thought I would ask you as I saw many of your photos(that you have shared on your blog) in the results of each months photo contest.

To enter the HHG photo contest, you just have to send an email to the email address she gives ( with your name, pet's name, and any caption you would like shown.  You have to send your picture as an attachment, as opposed to embedded in your email.  I hope that answered that question. =)

Question #3 is...
Is there a deadline date to turn in photos for like the December photo contest?
The deadline to enter your pictures is the last day of the month before by midnight.  However, December is holiday bread month, so there is no contest in December.  If you get your picture in by December 31, you can participate in the January contest.  If you don't get it in on time, it is automatically entered in the next month's contest.

Thanks again, Mack, for the great questions!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Evan and Ezekiel

Evan and Ethan (now Ezekiel) went to their new home last week, and here are some pictures of them in their new home.


lil' Evan

and again

Ezekiel... I love his black face mask!

having fun

together... they are looking really great!

Thanks, Seguras, for the awesome pics!!!

Jenna's Babies!

My sister, Sue, finally got around to taking pictures of Jenna's new pups, but she wanted me to post them...
I think they turned out great! =)

Oh, and they were born on Nov. 3, so they are 11 days old.

She is pretty sure that there are 3 boys and 1 girl

All 4 of them

so *cute*

close up =)
Hope you enjoyed!  I'm going to try to get her to take some more pictures, but we'll see how that goes... =)

I will be gettin home next week, and then there will be some regular posting... hopefully. =)

Have a great day!