Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two Gerbils, One Wheel

Found this cute video and thought I'd share... enjoy!

I think it's so funny the way they run over each other!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


... is probably the last time I will be posting for almost two weeks!

... I cleaned a bunch of my gerbils cages!

... and I took some picture of them!

Here are the pictures...
Evan and Ellie


... and again =)

Chloey... at least her nose =)

Ethan again

Ellie peekin' out

Kailey... she's soo cute!

and Kailey again =)


Sophie and Amanda... love this one =)
Well, hope you enjoyed... have a great week!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

5 Weeks and 1 Day

Sorry I haven't been updating lately... been busy getting ready for our trip.  We will be leaving early Friday morning, and I actually won't be back until Thanksgiving, but my younger sister will be back Oct. 31. She'll be taking care of the gerbils, and hopefully updating the blog every once in a while. =)

Anyways, here are some pictures I took today...
Alfie... with Jenna under him *somewhere*
THE house with Charley, Chloey, Ethan, Evan, and Ellie in it... and it's really small!  Here's Chloey peeking out =)

Sophie and Amanda
Li'l Kailey... She's getting so big!

and Abbey =)

Hope you enjoyed!  I might post something tomorrow, but after that nothing until November.  I might post something cute if I find it, just no pics of my sweeties. =)

10 Things I love... about gerbils

They're super cute!
They look funny when they run on wheels. =)
They look cute when they sleep. =)
They're small
They stand on their hind legs
They're adorable
They chew on toilet paper rolls
They're really cute! 

Did I mention they were cute?!

And they make cute faces =)

I'm linking up today with Polka Dot from Zebra Stripes and Polka Dots.

Only I'm doing 10 things I love about gerbils!

{All photo credits go to Google Images.}

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cute Video...

I saw this cute video commercial and thought I'd share it.  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

1 Month and 3 Days!

Okay, I'm back...  I took some pictures of the pups on Monday (when they were exactly one month old), and also some more today.  Enjoy!!!

1 Month... Monday, October 10, 2011 =)

Li'l Evan

~Ellie~ =)

Ellie... and Chloey just waking up.  She's looks really weird in this pic!

and Ellie again, eating *something*

I love this one of Evan

and Ellie with another one of Chloey... still waking up =)
 After I took all those pictures, I realized I didn't get any of Ethan or Charley!  But, today, I only took pictures of Ethan and Charley!  =)

1 Month and 3 Days old... Thursday, October 13, 2011


.... and Ethan =)

and here's a picture of Alfie and Jenna... new litter on it's way!

Jenna only =)
I am going to be going on vacation from Oct. 20-31, so no posts then... I'll try to get back to it when I get back.

Also, we almost have 15 followers!  Only two to go, and then we'll have a giveaway!

One more thing... All the pups I have right now are spoken for... and I have a waiting list as well, so if you would like some, please contact me.  Thanks!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3 Weeks and 2 Days!

Really quick today... I'm cleaning a bunch of cages today, so I don't have much time, but I did get a picture of Ethan today!

Well, it isn't only Ethan... there's Evan, Charley, and Chloey... but he's the main one. =)

Ethan (and some) =)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun pictures...

Sorry, no pictures of the pups today... just some fun random pics of gerbils and hamsters I found... enjoy!! =)

I love this one... probably my favorite one!

Isn't this one adorabel!?

so creative... !

just thought this one was cute =)


This one is just so cute!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Update on Cailey...

A couple days ago, I asked Cailey's new owner, Kayla, to send me some pictures of her, her mate and their pups!  Here they are... ! =)

I think this is Shadow (her mate) 
Cailey with the babies
when they were younger

One of the pups =) 
Another one *so cute* =)

Shadow and Cailey

All the pups... there were 5.

Cailey, Shadow, and the pups =)

Love this one... adorable! =)

I hope you enjoyed... =)