Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Baby

Well, mama hasn't been doing a good job of taking care of baby, so I have decided to take care of it myself.  I'm not really sure how well this will work out, but I decided it was worth a try.  So I made some kitten formula, and have been feeding it using a syringe.  I have also been keeping it on a heating pad to keep it warm.  Here are some pictures I took of it. 
Basking in the sun after a nice drink of milk.

Here is a picture of the baby next to the syringe for size.


All snuggled up and ready to go to sleep!

I think it will be a lighter color, and I think it is a boy, but of course, I can't be sure at this age. 

I will keep you posted!

1 comment:

Moe said...

I hope that your 'baby' will survive. I also hope that it'll get a little cuter (which I know it will;)!