Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 weeks/4 days

Tokay the pups are 3 weeks and 3 days old!  I'm going to be naming them by the end of this week... last chance for name suggestions! :)

Here are some pictures of them!










Which one is your favorite??


Jewelielie said...

I just love pictures of pups when they first have their eyes open. <3

I suggested some normal human names last time. How about some more unusual names:
Goofy, Gadget, Gaia, Grain, Galaxy, Gala, Garnish, Grace/Gracie, Genesis, Glee, Gandalf, Goldie, Graham Cracker, and Guppy.

If you're looking at pairing one of the boys with Forest you could name the other "Gump," after "Forrest Gump." Also, my friend suggested the name "Gerbil." XD

It's hard to pick just one, but I think my favorite picture is #3. =)

Owl Girl said...

My fav is 2!! Cuteness everywhere omg.

You could name them Enee

Mack said...

I love #9 and #5 they are both adorable:D

ffnftgerbils said...

Thank you Jewelilie, for the name suggestions... I'll be announcing my choices tomorrow.

I would have to say I think #2 is my absolute favorite, but I love all of them. :)


Fleur de Lis Gerbils said...

I'd have to name one of the little Agouti boys "Peanut"! That's always the name that pops into my head when they are tiny. They look like little roasted peanuts lol.

ffnftgerbils said...

I love that name too... I'll have to keep it in mind for my 'P' litter... or else I'll just do a random litter. :)