Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 17... =)

I seriously got probably some of my cutest pictures yet today...  I'm really need some help on which one to enter in the October photo contest, but I though of it too late... otherwise, I would have had another poll for you.  Still, I think I need a poll on something else... more on that later. =)

Anyways, here are the most adorable pictures of... this litter. =)

I put them in a box... I love this for pictures at this age.

They now officially all have their eyes open... I love this picture... them all in a stack. =)

The two ones in the back are so cute!

I love this one 'cause the little girl is so perfectly in focus.

*too cute!*

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna enter this one in the contest...
 Don't you just love how his foot is hanging over the girl?!

... or this one.  I really need to decide!
 Next I did some individual photos.. first up is...


love this one...

...adore this one!

and then there's...


so very poised! ;)


this one's my favorite =)

and, last, but not least...


this one is my fav of him =)


Just thought I'd share what I used to take those incredible =) pictures!

a butter box...


with a fluorescent light...

right next to it...

which gives it really great lighting inside! =)
And yes, that is on my bed. =)

Okay so I need some help on the names...

Does anybody have some ideas??!?!

All of these names need to start with 'E' 'cause... that's just what I'm doing. =)

I'm thinking maybe Ellie for the girl, but I can't quite decide on what to name the boys... any suggestions??!?

The numbers are just not going to work!! =)

Thanks in advance!!


Jewelielie said...

For boy names I particularly like Enzo, Evan, Edan, Elliot, or Erick.

These are some of the best pictures yet of this litter! The box is a brilliant idea to keep them from darting off and away from the camera. ;)

ffnftgerbils said...

Thanks for the ideas for names... I think I almost have them figured out...! =)