Monday, September 12, 2011

New... ! =)


Yep, Chloey had her babies!  This morning while I was feeding them, she was over in the corner... I lured her out with a sunflower seed, and... there were four little pinkies!  One of them is a lot smaller than the others, so I don't know if 'it' will survive.  I just wanted to pretty much leave her alone, so in these pics you can't really see her pups at all =(  Oh well... at least I was able to get some!

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You can barely see at tiny bit of pink below her. =)

Snuggling back down

Daddy comin' over to have a look

Starting to leave the nest...

and there they are!!! *soo cute*

mom's back again!
 Here are a couple of random pictures I took of some of the other cuties... =)
little Kailey, cleaning up her mom, Jenny

and another one =)

Nellie... and Winnie underneath... taking a little nap 

Hope you enjoyed!!

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Jewelielie said...

I can't even imagine how tiny gerbil pups are, especially that extra small one. I hope the little guy/girl makes it.

And by the way, Nellie and Winnie are absolutely adorable! <3

ffnftgerbils said...

Thanks... Nellie, Winnie, and Bonnie are three of my very favorite! Not only are they cute, but they are super sweet! =)