Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The pups are 2 weeks and 1 day old today.

It's amazing how fast they grow! =)

But first...
'family huddle' #1-- Bonnie, Winnie, and Nellie... down there somewhere. =)

and family huddle #2!!!  Charlie, Chloey, and all the littles...

... and from a different view.  *awww*

"Woo hoo!  I got away... almost."
 They are soo crazy right now, because their eyes are almost open... and that's just the way they are.  Trying to get good pictures of them was pretty hard... but I tried!! =)


peeking out...
 Oh, and by the way, this one is the 'girl'... the one I thought was a girl, but is actually a boy... oh well. =)
Finally... sorta' still!

I love the way his legs are in this picture... =)

... and this one.
 The last two pictures may look like he is being squeezed to tightly... don't worry... he's not.=)This guy was really calm when I first picked him up, so I got some cute pictures to start with...


"I can escape!"

"Oh no you can't, buddy"

And... the poor lone girl... I'm thinking I will probably pair her up with Jenna's baby, Kailey.

Oh yeah... I have some news about Jenna... at the bottom of this post!

dodging the camera

~li'l cutie~

peeking out =)

 One way they would calm down nicely was when I would hold them by their necks... it looks kinda' weird, but, hey, they're probably pretty used to it by now! =)

You know, with their parents carrying them around like that all the time. =)

She looks so funny in this one! =)

And now...

the news about Jenna!!

I put her in a split cage with Alfie... a young male of mine... and 
they are now another breeding pair!
 (at least they will be by the time they have their babies =)

I have been having a lot of interest lately, and decided I needed some more babies around here!

Hope you enjoyed this 'long awaited' update... I'll try to post some more pictures tomorrow. =)

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